Friday, November 19, 2010

Wright Family

Oh.....the Wrights :) I can't say anything but good things about this family! Fun kids, cool parents, and a beautiful new grand baby. This day was a little chilly, so toward the end we moved inside for the little one, Aiden. Such a fun day! Enjoy the pics :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amanda + Andrew

You know those moments where you start laughing and you just can't stop and what you are laughing about is over nothing? That was pretty much my time with Andrew and Amanda. Early in the session, something happened (still have no idea what...) and these two were SO giddy that anytime someone said 'monkey' they wouldn't stop gut-laughing. It.Was.Awesome.

I had the opportunity to shoot their family earlier this year and had a blast! So, I was stoked when Amanda asked me to do their engagement session, and next October, their wedding. You two are so sweet together, and I can't wait to shoot your leopard flats and Chucks next year :) Enjoy the photos.


Enjoy the rest of the wedding planning, love birds!

Toni Rae

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anton Family

Perfect sunset. Cute kids. Gorgeous couple. And. A bun in the oven. Enough said.

Thank you Anton's so sooo SO much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your family and the newest addition (TBA) Your family is beautiful! Can't wait to meet the little one soon! Enjoy the photos.

The boys and their beautiful, pregnant Momma
Dan & Sarah...too sweet.
Thank you, sunset!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's Do This...

So I had every intention to update this today...BUT, photos won't load and I'm getting irritated. With that being said, I will just say what I was going to say and update the photos soon. Cool? Cool. My week last week=AWESOME. Last week was a car windows rolled down, music blasting, arm hanging out the window, singing at the top of your lungs kind of week. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This past Thursday I spent a good portion of the day at a local cafe, catching up on some much needed work. Later on in the day I met up with an awesome AWESOME band, One Voice of Worship, and had the privilege of doing a photo shoot with them for their debut album coming out later this month. SO exciting for me! We had so much fun! Both are married and brought their lovely wives along with them. One of the couples has a son named James, and I couldn't resist taking some photos of him. Whenever there are cute babies, I melt. I thought I'd post a couple of my personal favorites of 1VOW (short for One Voice of Worship) for you all to see! And, well, maybe some of little James, too! Wish these would upload, but hoping it will work tomorrow. Just wanted to at least have 2 posts on here :) Later, yo.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here it is folks...

I've been told for awhile now that I need to start a blog for my it is! Please have patience with me as I am new to the blog world. Hope you all enjoy it though, and email me with feedback!